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Hey!  My name is Xan Barksdale and I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

Xan BarksdaleI’m one of the most competitive people you’ll ever meet.  It doesn’t matter if we’re playing baseball, badminton, or backgammon…if I’m playing, I want to win.

That’s probably one of the biggest reasons that I’ve had success in sports and online business.

Before I started my own online business and became a lifestyle entrepreneur I was a professional athlete and played baseball in the Atlanta Braves minor league system.

22 random things about me…

  1. Xan is short for Alexander and pronounced Zan.
  2. I am the self-proclaimed most loyal Apple fan in the world.
  3. My motorcycle is a 2013 Harley Davidson 48.
  4. I have more computer monitors (4) than TVs (1).
  5. If we eat at Waffle House I’m ordering a ham and cheese omelette, hasbrowns scattered, smothered and covered, with wheat toast and grape jelly.
  6. I have an Associates Degree in Engineering.
  7. I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years, but sound like I’ve been playing for 2.
  8. My high school graduating class had 48 people in it.
  9. I grew up in Madison, MS and am damn proud of it.
  10. If you see me running, you should run too.  There’s probably a bear or a cougar close by.
  11. I’m scared to death of sharks.  Any fish that can eat you is serious business.
  12. My dream vacation is going to Bora Bora and sleeping in a tiki hut over the water.
  13. The coolest thing that I own? A sniper rifle.  Yes, I own a sniper rifle.
  14. I usually own at least 8 tubes of Blistex, but I can’t ever find one.
  15. I can solve a Rubik’s Cube…almost.
  16. The thing I hate most about myself is my handwriting.  My cursive is so bad that I print in call caps.
  17. I could eat sushi every night.
  18. I have better vision than most fighter pilots.
  19. I found out the hard way that you cannot beat a barbed wire fence in a fight.
  20. I don’t have any tattoos…yet.
  21. When I’m in the shower I’m an excellent singer.  Every other time, not so much.
  22. I think every man feels more like a man when he wears cufflinks.

What I can do for you…

Let’s face it, the reason you’re reading this isn’t because you want to know my complete life history…you want to know what I can do for you, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

The purpose of this blog is to teach you how to do exactly what I’ve done in online business, except to help you do it faster than I did!

I currently own about 12 (can change at any time) websites that are generating around $100k per year in income.  It took me 5 years in online business before I had my first $100k year, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way have been priceless.

Had I known then what I know now I’m sure I could have had my first $100k year in less than 3 years.

On my blog I’m going to show you exactly what I’ve done to help me generate an income like this, and how you can do it too.

The truth is that anyone can do it.  Yes, that’s right…even you!  It takes hard work, and knowledge.  I can’t physically put in the hard work for you, but I can provide you with the knowledge that I’ve amassed in 10 years of running my own online business and show you what works, and maybe more importantly, what doesn’t work.

I’m looking forward to helping you create the business and life you’ve always dreamed of…let’s get started!

That’s me.  If you want me to teach you how to solve a Rubik’s Cube (almost) you can get in touch with me by using the contact page.